Sacramental Information

 Adoration Chapel  Weekdays: 9 am - 10 pm
Saturdays: 9 am - 1 pm
Chapel closed on Holy Days and Holidays.  Please note, if SPF schools are closed due to bad weather, the chapel will be closed.
Baptism Baptism is the sacrament by which the Christian Community welcomes new members.  We at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish have a program of preparation for parents who wish to have children baptized in Christ. We ask that you call the Parish Office at (908) 889-2100 after the baby is born for more information concerning the program.  An interview with one of the priests is required to register for Baptism.  The cut-off date for the interview and registration is one week prior to the scheduled class.  Sponsors must obtain a sponsor certificate from their parish.  There are no Baptisms during Lent.

 Sponsor Cards    Call the Parish Office at 908-889-2100 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays.  You must be a registered member of the Parish.      Baptismal Schedule    Baptismal Preparation Class:    December 4th at 1:00 pm 
Date of Baptism:  December 18th at 1:30 pm 

 Funerals  The family should call the funeral director directly who will then contact the Church.
 Liturgy of the Eucharist 

  Saturday: 5:30pm (Anticipated Mass)
  Sunday: 7:45am, 9am, 10:30am*, 12 noon
*Children’s Liturgy of the Word
     Weekdays & Saturdays    7:00am & 8:30am      Holy Days of Obligation    7:00pm evening before, 7:00am, 12 noon, 7:00pm
 Morning Prayer

  Monday - Saturday at 8:15am      Rosary    Monday - Saturday after the 8:30am Mass      Novena to the Miraculous Medal & St. Jude    Saturday after 8:30am Mass

 Marriage  Appointments should be made at least one year in advance.  Contact the priest about a date and Pre-Cana information.
 Ministry to the Sick and Homebound  By law, hospitals cannot notify us when parishioners are admitted.  If you or a family member is hospitalized, please notify us.  Urgent calls will be attended at any time of the day or night.  We want to assist anyone who is not able to attend Mass because of an illness or handicap.  If you or a family member would like to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharist or Anointing of the Sick at home, please call the Parish Office at 908-889-2100.
 Reconciliation  Saturday 4:45 pm  -  5:15 pm
Arrangements for a private confession can be made at any time by calling the Parish Office at 908-889-2100.